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Mailbag: Key Position Cowboys Still Need To Address?


With all of the deals that have been made, is there one key position the Cowboys still need to address either by trade, free agency or in the upcoming draft? – Jeffrey Martin/Williamsport, MD

Nick: I think the one position that has to be addressed is the one that can ultimately win and lose games – kicker. What's going on at kicker? The Cowboys will likely find one either in the draft or rookie free agency. But this team needs to have multiple options and then a backup plan if that goes wrong. Like I said in Monday's mailbag, special teams will always be a wild card in deciding games and especially at kicker. To me, the biggest need to fill is that position.

Patrik: I can't offer enough praise for how the Cowboys have handled the offseason when it comes to addressing positions of need, be it with re-signings and/or trades and/or free agent grabs from outside of the building. But since they couldn't keep everyone, they were bound to still have needs and, for my money, it's still the offensive line along with depth at linebacker. Losing Connor McGovern leaves a void at LG1 that the Cowboys don't know yet how they'll fill (Tyler Smith? Matt Farniok? Chuba Edoga? Draft a guy??) and the LB unit is wildly unsettled behind Leighton Vander Esch and Damone Clark. Jabril Cox needs to have a breakout season and every other player behind him is literally a practice squad guy hoping to become more in training camp, and that means the position needs another capable body (e.g., Myles Jack and/or draft). I've drawn red circles around OL and LB as positions of remaining need in Dallas.

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