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Mailbag: Kicking Around Some Solutions


I was wondering if you think late in the Packers game maybe they should have gone ahead and tried the field goal before the two-minute warning, then if made it you would have one timeout left plus the two-minute mark to try to get ball back versus your only chance being the onside kick. Maybe overthinking it? - MICHAEL DANNER / LEWISVILLE, TX

Rob: Maybe a little. I see your logic with essentially giving yourself an extra timeout. It would've been about a 32-yarder if they kicked the field goal before the two-minute warning. But if you're already at the 15-yard line, I think you try to get the touchdown first because you're that close. Down two scores, the odds are stacked against you regardless.

Bryan: I thought about it at the time. Blogging The Boys had a nice breakdown of it that I am sure you read too.

Maybe I'm wrong but it seems that Brett Maher's misses are consistently pushed to the right. Surely it's mechanics and if so, how is he not able to make the adjustment to start the ball more left to increase his margin of error? - KEN LOPEZ / COLLEYVILLE, TX

Rob: Seemed like he had more success away from the right hash in camp, too. I'll admit I don't know how the mechanics work, but I'm sure he works diligently on it. I said this back in camp: They're going to keep giving Maher opportunities and expressing confidence in him because they believe in his talent – big-time leg, made some big kicks in his first year in the league – and there aren't many alternatives out there anyway.

Bryan: You're asking the wrong guy here. I spent six years with Steve Hoffman finding kickers for us. He was the one guy that could go down to Lowe's, get 10 guys and one of them would be an All-Pro.

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