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Mailbag: LB Coach's Impact? Rico's Role?


Kris Richard is the best offseason acquisition for Dallas' coaching staff. I haven't heard much about Ben Bloom, but everyone has heard everything about his LB corps. Would you guys rate Bloom as the second-best move for the staff with his promotion? - SONG NGUYEN / HARPERVILLE, MS

Bryan: Ben Bloom has done a really nice job with these linebackers. He's always prepared and coaches them hard to which the players have done a nice job responding to. Coaches also love to coach great players and his group is just that.

Rob: No question Bloom deserves credit for working with this group. Vander Esch and Bloom got along well during his official visit in the pre-draft process, and Vander Esch always hoped the Cowboys would draft him. Sanjay Lal has also done a nice job with rookie receiver Michael Gallup and helping Amari Cooper make the transition to this offense.


Why hasn't Rico Gathers been more of a pass catching threat or target in the red zone? With his big body and good hands, he doesn't need to be wide open to throw him the ball. Throw one up in the back of the end zone and let him go up and get it. - JIM WILEY / MARCELLUS, NY

Bryan: This is where his lack of experience hurts him as a route runner. You can't afford a turnover in the end zone and if he's not getting open then there is no sense trying to force that. If Gathers had a better understanding of that, I'd like your plan, but just throwing the ball up to him is not the way I'd travel.

Rob: It's a good thought, and the Cowboys know they've got to be more efficient down there. But based on my Twitter mentions, seems most fans simply want them to hand the ball to Ezekiel Elliott, particularly in goal-to-go situations. I will say this: Dak Prescott had two wide-open opportunities with Cole Beasley (against New Orleans) and Noah Brown (against Washington) and they didn't quite connect. They've been close.

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