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Mailbag: Level Of Concern About The O-Line?


I'm deeply concerned about our offensive line. Am I worrying too much? – JON ESCO

Rob: Deeply concerned? I wouldn't go that far. The line looked strong together in the few camp practices they were at 100%. I would say La'el Collins on IR for at least three games is a little unsettling, though. He had such a good year last season and seems on his way to being a great right tackle. As much as we talk about the offense's potential to be dynamic, it all starts with protecting Dak up front. Obviously, you want to be as close to full strength as possible and get that continuity down. But if Cam Erving is the fill-in starter, that's a solid backup plan. He started half the season at left tackle for the Chiefs a year ago.

David: Let's put it this way: if La'el is only going to miss three games, and he'll be ready to go in a few weeks, I can deal. If his absence stretches longer than that, I'm concerned. I'm not convinced Cam Erving is a long-term answer, and Brandon Knight is dealing with an injury of his own right now. I'm not worried about any of the other positions on this line, but the right tackle spot worries me. Hopefully La'el's injury isn't a big deal, because I think they can hold the line for three or four weeks until he gets back – assuming it's not serious.

What percentage do you think the offense will be in a 11 personnel, also known as a three-wide receiver set? – CHRIS COSPER

Rob: I don't know about a percentage, but they didn't draft CeeDee Lamb to play him sparingly. The Amari/Gallup/CeeDee trio has potential to be right at the top in the league, and the Amari/Gallup/Randall Cobb combo was pretty good in its own right last year. Getting your best players on the field together is obviously important because it can create favorable matchups for others, too.

David: Here's a fun stat. By my count, the Cowboys ranked 12th in the NFL last season, running 11 personnel on 67% of their snaps. That's a pretty solid percentage, even for a team that liked to use tight ends. Still, with CeeDee Lamb in the fold, I'd assume they can up that percentage at least a little bit. It probably won't be dr

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