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Mailbag: Loss of Overshown on special teams?


I hated to hear the news about DeMarvion Overshown's injury. Obviously, he had a backup role on defense, but how big of an impact is his loss going to be for the special teams?Henry Mitchell/Ft. Worth, TX

Nick Harris: Simply put, it's a big loss for special teams. Overshown had cemented a role on special teams in all four phases, as he stepped in as an athletic tackler that can run the field as well as a capable and physical blocker in the open field. Losing him in that area probably stings more, especially considering it would have helped him develop. I think an opportunity for guys like Devin Harper, Malik Jefferson or Markquese Bell exists as a result as each can fill Overshown's void until he's able to make his return from injury.

Mickey: I think it will be huge. Think Luke Gifford, someone special teams coach John Fassel is trying to replace and with a similar position player. Overshown fit the bill. Plus, it costs him a year of experience, not only at linebacker but also as a core special teams player. Overshown was playing so well, not only in preseason games, but also standing out in the padded practices. He was carving out a role for himself, particularly on the change-up defenses. This one really hurts, and not to say the John Stephens Jr. one doesn't since how he loses a year of development, too.

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