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Mailbag: Making Trades Around Final Cuts?


All offseason we have heard about how deep this Cowboys team is. When the team makes the cuts down to 53 players, is there a position that you could see them looking outside of the organization to add? - ANTHONY MAERZ / KEOKUK, IA

Bryan: Offensive tackle. If one were to show up on the waiver wire they like, I could see them making a claim there. I would consider trading someone on my roster for one if available.

Rob: I agree, there's a larger microscope on the offensive line depth because multiple starters have been dealing with injuries. I think Cooper Rush has given them confidence as the backup quarterback. And I've said all along that they like kicker Brett Maher's talent. He has been more consistent this last stretch of camp.

I am seeing that we are totally loaded at several positions, and even overloaded – meaning that with the final cuts coming up soon, we will have to cut some very good talent. I believe we should be starting to try and trade a few of these overload guys, and at least get something in return, versus nothing at all? - DAVID DILLARD / JAMESTOWN, TN

Rob: We saw this a year ago when the Cowboys traded Charvarius Ward to the Chiefs for Parker Ehinger. Draft picks are great, but you're trying to win the Super Bowl this year. A player-for-player swap would make more sense to me because that helps you at a position of greater need immediately.

Bryan: Welcome to the world of a pro scout that spends all day on the phone with teams Friday and Saturday.

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