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Mailbag: McCarthy, Different Draft Philosophy?


Have you heard of any possible changes to the defensive draft philosophy with McCarthy as head coach? For example, looking at the defensive backfield over the D-Line in earlier rounds, especially with the latter's success being questionable under Garrett & co. – DAVID PARKES / WHANGAREI, NEW ZEALAND

David: For my money, that's the most intriguing storyline of the offseason. Mike McCarthy has acknowledged that he'll have a larger role in the draft process than he did in Green Bay. His very experienced coaching staff will assuredly have a voice, too. Where they assign value will say a lot about how they intend to shape this roster. It's hard to say for sure because we don't know what will happen in free agency, but it doesn't look like they can afford to ignore their secondary. There's way too many holes to fill.

Lindsay: Regardless of philosophy here, I think this draft is going to be focused heavily on defense. Stephen Jones already told us so, with so many contracts expiring. I think McCarthy will be heavily involved in the process and like Dave said, as free agency unravels, so will draft plans, if you read between the lines.

I haven't heard anything about practice squad or injured reserve players. Is there anyone who may be considered for this coming roster in 2020? – ANTHONY MITCHELL / BROCKTON, MA

David: The guy that stands out the most is Tyrone Crawford. He's not a Pro Bowler, but it's obvious the Cowboys missed his contributions on the field and in the locker room last year. Connor McGovern also deserves mention. The Cowboys were hyped about grabbing him in the third round last year, and we never got to see him play. Hopefully he can put that pectoral injury behind him in 2020.

Lindsay: Without a doubt, Tyrone Crawford was missed this season – and we didn't even have to ask. The players opened up and told us about missing his voice, his leadership and passion in the locker room. Although he had double hip surgery, he is wanted here, for the right price. He's slated as a $9.1 million cap hit, along with many other contracts the front office is having to work through.

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