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Mailbag: Missed Throws a Bigger Problem?


Dak Prescott's interceptions have gotten a lot of attention, but do you think the bigger problem is all of his missed throws? Balls falling at the feet of receivers or thrown behind receivers? – Chris Burke/Dripping Springs, TX

Patrik: I'm with you that I'm not as much concerned with the INTs as I am some of the sailed throws, especially considering the INT issue is split between being accountable to Prescott at times and to the receivers in other moments. But when I see a sailed pass to Tony Pollard in the flat, or a pass that hits the back shoulder of Dalton Schultz on a slant, those are the ones that simply can't happen (as Prescott will readily admit). They are also the easiest to repair, however, and I've seen more than enough of Prescott in his career to know he can be consistently accurate — both underneath and downfield. It's just a matter of getting it cleaned up before January, but one hand washes the other, so when his passes are spot-on … well, catch the ball.

Kurt: This is actually one of the many misconceptions about the Cowboys quarterback. Yes, Prescott's recent outing against the Texans had its ups and downs and he's tossed more interceptions than anyone likes (including him), but overall he's completing 66.9 percent of his passes for the season, which is currently tied for ninth in the NFL. Heck, in the second half that number jumps up to 72.3. But perhaps even more impressive, Prescott is doing this while also throwing into tight coverage 19.9 percent of the time, which according to Next Gen Stats is the league's fifth-highest mark. And among the top 15 ranked in that aggressiveness category, he's tied for the highest completion percentage. Finally, Prescott's 66.6 career completion percentage is tied for sixth all-time. Like, in the 100-plus years of NFL history. So while fans do get frustrated with the missed throws, the numbers show that there are few better.

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