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Mailbag: More linebacker play now for Parsons?


I don't want this to seem like an overreaction, but with Leighton Vander Esch seemingly heading to IR, do you think it makes sense to have Micah Parsons go back to playing more linebacker? With the edge rushers we already have and seeing how thin the Cowboys are at the linebacker position, do you see any value in doing that? – David Ciampa/Aberdeen, NJ

Nick Eatman: Something has to change for sure. And I don't really hate this idea because I do think the Cowboys need to figure out how to get Parsons more involved. Lining him up at linebacker – on occasion – could be a wrinkle that we haven't seen in a while. I'm not saying he shouldn't be rushing the quarterback a lot, but now with the injuries at linebacker, Parsons could provide a different look at that spot on the field. Still, they need more depth there and will probably have to see what's available on the street or a potential trade. But I don't hate the idea of Parsons getting some reps back there as well. The way he chases down the ball is something this team is missing right now. So I'm for something like that to put Parsons in different spots and making the quarterback have to locate him in different areas than we've seen lately.

Kurt: A case can be made that, outside of Dak Prescott and Micah Parsons, Leighton Vander Esch is the player the Cowboys can least afford to lose simply because their linebacker corps is already so thin and lacking experience. Which means there may not be a question about SHOULD the Cowboys have Parsons play more linebacker because the fact is he may HAVE to play more linebacker. Currently, the only other linebackers on the roster are Damone Clark and an undersized Markquese Bell, two players with a combined 25 NFL games under their belts. Mikel Jones, Tyrus Wheat and Malik Jefferson are also on the practice squad, but that's two rookies and a veteran who has primarily been a special teamer during his career. Jesse Holley has repeatedly said on our Hangin' With the Boyspodcast that any snap he's not rushing is a wasted snap for Parsons. But what are the other options, especially when it comes to stopping the run? Needless to say, the Cowboys now find themselves backed into a corner here – help is needed at linebacker and that help may have to come from Parsons.

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