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Mailbag: More Pollard Moving Forward?


The last time, as I recall, the Cowboys consciously gave Tony Pollard a drive and got him involved in the offense was against Miami, and he produced. Doesn't he deserve every opportunity they can get him moving forward? - MARCO ASPAAS / VANCOUVER, WA

Rob: I agree Pollard brings extra juice to the offense, particularly in a situation like Sunday when Amari Cooper's snaps seemed to be managed (41) as he works through that knee contusion. Three snaps for Pollard against Minnesota the week before surprised me a little. But I will say this: This offense has so many quality options that it's a little bit of a juggling act. And you want to get Zeke Elliott established, particularly in situations where teams are committing a lot of resources to stopping him.

Lindsay: When you do something for the first time since 2001, I give all the credit to Kellen Moore: first time the Cowboys have had two running backs catch a pass for a touchdown in a game since '01. As much as Pollard deserves more snaps for his proven versatility, don't hear me say that Zeke needs less. There are ways to mix and match. For me, it's more about creativity, than taking snaps away from your 90-million-dollar man.

Is it just me or are Amari Cooper, Robert Quinn and Michael Bennett three of the best (and well-scouted) acquisitions by Dallas for a long, long time? I've been a fan for decades and try to not overreact. But I'm not sure this team is above .500 without those three players at this point. Thoughts? - KAVON VLASTNOSTI / PORTLAND, OR

Rob: I agree with you, and the most important takeaway for me – particularly with the trade for Cooper last year and Bennett this year – is the front office identified they needed help in those areas and did something about it. Last year, it was clear the wide receiver committee wasn't working. Cooper changed everything. This year, Tyrone Crawford's injury hurt the defensive line depth, and Bennett has brought much-needed versatility. Plus, the resources traded away for Quinn and Bennett were so minimal. It's really paid off to this point.

Lindsay: Why not give credit to the personnel department any chance we get? They do a phenomenal job spending long hours constantly evaluating and digging around the league for fits with this team. Cooper leads the receivers with seven touchdowns, while Bennett and Quinn have combined for 11.5 sacks together on limited seasons. In the past decade, this front office has chosen to lay low during trades and splashy acquisitions – yet all three of these players have been electric additions.

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