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Mailbag: Most Memorable Jimmy Johnson Moment?


I have been a fan of the Cowboys since I was eight (34 years old now). One of the moments that has stood to test of time is Jimmy spitting out the infamous "How 'Bout Them Cowboys!" Gives me goose bumps till this day. Why is your greatest memory of Jimmy Johnson? - SHAUN RODVOLD*/*CARROLLTON, GA

Rob: I'm about the same age and "How 'Bout Them Cowboys!" resonates with me most, too. I didn't cover Coach Johnson, but last year I did have the opportunity to interview former players from that era for a project. Jimmy coached his players extremely hard, but by doing that he also kept their edge through back-to-back Super Bowl seasons. Only two teams (Broncos and Patriots) have done that since. They appreciated how he got the best out of them.

Nick: Personally, I never covered Jimmy so I don't have the same type of stories. I did get to interview him in Miami down at his bar a few years ago for a documentary and I couldn't believe how accommodating he was with everything. I'll never forget that. But as a fan, my favorite memory was the 1993 NFC Championship Game when he called the radio station up the night before the game and told the host that "we will win the ballgame" and to put it in 3-inch headlines. It was a masterful decision that got his team so fired up and put the pressure off the players and onto him. They kicked the 49ers around that day and went on to win the Super Bowl. He just had a knack for knowing how to push the right buttons and the right time.

Will the Cowboys get extra OTA practices because they will have a new coaching staff? If so when will that occur? -BILL CONWAY_ / _PALM SPRINGS, CA

Rob: Because they have a new coach, the Cowboys are permitted to begin their voluntary offseason program on April 6, a little earlier than usual, and can hold an extra minicamp. Not sure at this point if they will do that, but it's an option for Mike McCarthy.

Nick: I don't think it's an extra OTA practice, but perhaps an additional veteran minicamp if the Cowboys chose to take it.

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