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Mailbag: O-Line Help? Jourdan Lewis' Camp?


With the news of Travis Frederick's recent diagnosis of Guillain-Barre Syndrome, how likely is it the Cowboys make a move for OL depth? Has the lack of depth at OL now taken precedent over lack of depth elsewhere, especially since the OL is integral to the Cowboys' image?


Bryan:They needed to add bodies even before the Frederick news. Waiver wire and potential trades are always a possibility. They will take a look at this Jacob Ohnesorge they signed from South Dakota State. Options are not great for a center coming off the street, so keep that in mind. 

Rob: I fully expect them to keep an eye out for depth. As Bryan said, they added a backup center earlier this week. Joe Looney has done as nice job in Frederick's place and I'd be surprised if they could find a better option elsewhere while Frederick is out. By the way, there's no timetable for a return right now – the most important thing is dealing with this illness. We all wish him a quick recovery.

Jourdan Lewis seems to be struggling more than expected here in his second year. Many of those struggles have been mental errors or lapses in concentration. Do you think his confidence has been shaken by being brought down to second string when many expected him to start this year?


Bryan:I think it's helped him to lose his job the way that he did, but Byron Jones has been outstanding up until this point. Lewis needs to make a few plays and regain that confidence in which he played with last season. He's too good of a talent not to be a part of the rotation, so making those plays will help that.

Rob:The Bengals game was a tough night for the entire backup secondary in the second half. I thought Lewis was really good early in camp. His best trait might be how competitive he is. He might not fit their prototypical frame at corner, but he's one of the best cover guys they've got and I expect him to get back on track.

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