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Mailbag: Offseason Progress; Developing QBs?


Is it my imagination or, for the most part, does it seem easier nowadays to find a good quarterback? In general, it seems QBs coming out of college find success. What's the reason since we hear so much about the spread offenses not being conducive to playing in the NFL? - LESLIE BASCO / HOUSTON, TX

Bryan: These quarterbacks in college football are now throwing the ball more than ever. Coaches are trying to come up with creative ways to keep them from doing that. So all the passing and seeing different defenses has help these quarterbacks to develop faster. They're working on skill sets but also grasping the mental aspects of the game as well. 

Rob: For one, you're seeing more of those spread elements introduced in the NFL. The Cowboys made Dak Prescott's transition easier in 2016 by using some of the things he was comfortable with at Mississippi State. The other factor is that it's a younger league. Because of the salary cap, teams have to play their draft picks earlier than they did 20 years ago. It's perhaps a bit more of a level playing field for rookie quarterbacks.

I think Connor Williams' technique is spot on, but he was having a lot of trouble with really powerful defensive tackles and one techniques. Has he significantly increased his strength in the offseason? - DOUG HUMPHRIES / ORANGE, TX

Bryan: Williams has developed more strength and has continued to each day. He's a young guy and he will continue to grow. To his credit he battled the entire season despite playing with that lack of power. 

Rob: Word is Connor Williams has been a standout in the voluntary offseason program so far. He has the frame to add strength, and that's exactly what he's focused on doing. I predict he'll be back in the starting lineup at left guard this season.

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