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Mailbag: One Last Look At The Offseason?


Now that the offseason is over and you guys are heading off to camp, what is the best thing you think the Cowboys accomplished from mid-January to now and what's something that still concerns you about this year's team? - MIKE S / PLANO, TX

Bryan: Love the veteran additions of Randall Cobb and Robert Quinn. They also needed to change the offensive coordinator and they did, but maybe the biggest addition was adding Jon Kitna to the staff. The things he's already done with Dak Prescott are noticeable. 

Rob: Robert Quinn is only a few years removed from a 19-sack season. The Cowboys traded a sixth-round pick for a proven pass rusher still in his prime. Loved that move. On the flip side, it's unfortunate that two Pro Bowl defenders, DeMarcus Lawrence and Byron Jones, needed offseason surgery. Head coach Jason Garrett said neither would be ready for practice when camp starts and we might not see either on the field until Week 1. It sounds like Lawrence should be good to go then, and there's also optimism about Jones for the opener. They need both guys against the Giants and beyond.

Recently on there was a discussion about why the offensive line should be improved in 2019. I thought the answers made many good points but I felt one significant. That point is the impact of an entire offseason and training camp with Mark Colombo as the O-Line coach. I believe the start of last year part of the problem was the attempt to change the blocking scheme/technique used. A lot is discussed about the turnaround once Amari Cooper arrived, but at the same time Colombo took over as offensive line coach and there was marked improvement. Do you guys agree? - SAM RUBENSTEIN / HENDERSON, NV

Bryan: That's a nice observation, but if this offensive line gets back to one of the better ones in the league it's going to be because of a healthy Travis Frederick and strength improvements from Connor Williams along with depth developments from the backups. 

Rob: I think they particularly found their groove in the run game after Colombo got promoted. The pass protection was something they continued to work at and there was improvement, even though Dak Prescott for the season was sacked the second-most times in the league (56). Colombo's got a bright future as a coach and I think guys were pleased to go back to the approach they'd been successful with in the past.

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