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Mailbag: Philosophy Change With Cooper Trade?


Do you think the Cowboys will have a top 10 pick? What do you think it would cost to sign Cooper for long term? Do you guys like the trade? - DANIEL ARSLANIAN / BOYNTON BEACH, FL

Rob: This hope is that with Cooper here, that first-round pick to Oakland won't fall in the top 10. It's too early to speculate on a long-term deal with Cooper. He'll be under contract with Dallas through next season, and the question right now is how much better he'll make the offense this year. No question they've added a playmaker for Dak Prescott, but there are other parts to this offense that must improve (i.e. the protection up front) for the passing game to function at a higher level, particularly on the road.

Bryan: I am not worried about where the selection is. You will evaluate him the next year and a half to determine that. And yes, I like the trade. It helps your team right now, but it also helps you evaluate your quarterback going forward. 


Concerning the Amari Cooper trade, isn't this decision a turnaround from the Dallas Cowboys' tradition of not trading and building the team mainly through the draft? I am not going to say that the front office panicked, but the emphasis is now again on the 'win now, rebuild later.' Is this player worth of this policy change? - RUI PINA / CASCAIS, PORTUGAL

Rob: I wouldn't say this move represents a sweeping change in philosophy. They saw that the division is wide open and the current wide receiver rotation needed help. They're parting with a top pick, but Cooper's age (24) was a deciding factor. He's got four years in the league, but he's not that much older than the receivers who will be in the draft next year.

Bryan: You're in the business of trying to make your team better at any opportunity necessary. That's always been the bottom line so I don't see this as a panic move at all. They gave up a selection for a 24-year-old receiver that's a proven player. How do you fault them for that?

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