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Mailbag: Pollard Comparison; Best Spot For Lee?


Looking at Tony Pollard tape and his resume I see a lot of former Cowboy Dwayne Harris. I like the idea of him taking kicks, sweeps and screens. But can you see him being a decent gunner on special teams? And what other things do you see him doing to make the team this season? - MISTER TAYLOR / TROY, NY

Bryan: I think you've covered all the things that the coaches and front office believe he can do. That's a valuable guy when you can only dress 46 players each week. 

Rob: I think Pollard makes the team. To take him that early on Day 3, they've clearly got a plan for him. A good comparison might be Tavon Austin – not in terms of deep speed, but what he can do lining up in the backfield for carries or motioning out or taking sweeps. Though he didn't make a direct player-for-player comparison to Saints star Alvin Kamara, Stephen Jones said Pollard could have that type of complementary role behind Ezekiel Elliott. That, plus his return work, should be enough for a roster spot.

On "Talkin' Cowboys" the idea of Sean Lee playing SAM linebacker was brought up, but in my opinion that would be better filled by either Jaylon Smith or Leighton Vander Esch based on the responsibilities of the position. Since the SAM doesn't play that often in this defense anyway, do you think they would try out the idea of Sean filling either the WILL or the MIKE when they are in a three-linebacker set and then rotating either Jaylon or Leighton down to SAM until Sean comes off the field? - TOMMY CALDWELL / EATONTOWN, NJ

Bryan: I am in that wait and see mode. Until I either talk to someone on the staff or see it with my own eyes, I have no idea of how they're going to play this. I just don't see them taking Smith or Vander Esch off the field despite having a talented player such as Lee available. So how they actually play this might be a work in progress or game to game. 

Rob: I don't really see the Cowboys moving Smith or Vander Esch around much. Vander Esch hasn't played SAM and Smith has an important communication role as the MIKE. I think Lee can play anywhere, honestly. Damien Wilson, now with the Chiefs, played less than 30 percent of the total defensive snaps at SAM last season. Perhaps the Cowboys think Lee can handle that workload just fine even though he won't be covered up as much as he would be on the weak side.

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