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Mailbag: Possible Perfect Trade Scenario?


Who, and at what spot, is a realistic trade scenario for the Cowboys to move up in this year's draft? – E. J. WILSON / DENVER, CO

David: That's a good question, and there aren't a ton of options. It's not going to be a quarterback. This is a talent-rich draft at offensive tackle, but the Cowboys don't really need one. It seems non-sensical to trade up for a wide receiver. If they were going to do it, I'd guess it'd be a defensive lineman. Perhaps if Auburn's Derrick Brown or South Carolina's Javon Kinlaw started to slide, they could pull the trigger and jump up a few spots. If they like LSU's K'Lavon Chaisson, he could represent the best bet to get a pass rusher with upside. Those would be my guesses.

Rob: There's still a lot of time left before we can have a good feel for the first round, but let's have a little fun here. Right now I'd be more interested in moving down a little if the first round unfolds in a way where there's a cluster of available prospects the Cowboys like. Why? Well, just look at the number of roster holes/potential holes they've got at the moment. And it just seems like the Cowboys rarely have more than maybe 20 first-round grades on prospects in a given year anyway.

Is it going to get contentious with all the contracts considering the looming CBA and ballooning of the cap... Are we at a spot we've never before with this? – DANIEL BUCHANAN / ROANOKE, VA

David: We're definitely entering unprecedented territory. If this new CBA passes, the pool of available money for players is going to sky rocket. But I view that as a good thing, as it should help the Cowboys pay more players.

Rob: Contentious, no, but this has been a challenge for the Cowboys. The CBA talks have slowed negotiations with their key free agents because the front office needs to have a better understanding of the financial landscape first. 2011 was wild because the current CBA was ratified right before training camp and a free agency frenzy ensued in August. This situation isn't as volatile. I'd say it's fascinating, though, because they've got 25 or so free agents and a new coaching staff who might prioritize things differently than the old guard.