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Mailbag: Possible Position Changes On Defense?


Any players you see being moved around with the new defensive coaches hired? Does Reggie Robinson get moved back to cornerback? He seems to fit the big CB that Quinn's scheme excelled with in Seattle. — MARCO ASPAAS / VANCOUVER, WA

Nick: I think that's a very good question but probably a little bit early for this process. We haven't even gotten to speak with Quinn and I'm not sure he's even evaluated the entire roster yet so I think we should probably have to table that conversation for a later date. My personal thought is that Robinson would probably stay at safety. As for other positions, the biggest one would have to be how Quinn views Jaylon Smith's role and how he can utilize him the best way.

Jonny: I think that's the move that I'm most interested in. Robinson was just such an intriguing prospect. That said, we weren't seeing how he looked in practice, and it's unlikely that he wasn't getting playing time because of some vendetta that Mike Nolan had with him. If he really looked ready, McCarthy probably would have gotten him on the field. But perhaps Quinn can shift him back to cornerback and unlock some value.

Since the salary cap will probably be much lower than originally anticipated, I wanted your general opinion on NFL free agency this year. Do you think free agents will be willing to sign more one-year contracts in the hopes that the following year's salary cap will go up, or do you think most players will try to get their money now on a long-term deal? — DAVE SEGNA / DENAIR, CA

Nick: That's a tough question to answer because every player has their own unique situation. For instance, a player like Dak is certainly seeking a long-term deal and he has to weigh the fact that he had a tough injury last year so I doubt he wants another one-year contract. But we see players all the time that bet on themselves such as Robert Quinn and Aldon Smith. I think the bigger question regarding free agency is how the Cowboys approach it. They need to be much more aggressive than they have in the past and try to strike earlier to sign players that can come in and help and not rely on bargain hunting as they did last year and other years.

Jonny: I think players will still take long-term deals if they can get them. One thing you're not guaranteed in a football career is tomorrow. I don't see huge one-year deals getting thrown around either. If you believe in the player you're going after, this might be the offseason to give him a three-year deal where much of the deal is guaranteed and backloaded to the final two years. The team willing to take the biggest risks will likely add the most talent to their roster.

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