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Mailbag: Possible Starters In 2019 Draft Class?


Do any of the 2019 draft picks have an honest chance of starting when the season begins? If so, who and why? – K.T.

Bryan: Trysten Hill has a lot of talent and he has a chance to beat out Maliek Collins for the job. He'll start out behind him but keep an eye on that spot. 

Rob: A chance? Absolutely. But barring injury to a veteran, I don't expect a draft pick to start Week One this year. Maliek Collins, La'el Collins and Jeff Heath are entering the last year of their current contracts, so things could look different in 2020 depending on what happens with them. That's where Trysten Hill, Connor McGovern and maybe Donovan Wilson could step in a year from now.

I know you're going to get a lot of "why no safety in the draft until the sixth round" questions. However, mine is about the front office's view of the position. I have rooted for the Cowboys to get a stud safety since Roy Williams left, and every year, nothing. I don't care how good your pass rush is, you still need a stud in the secondary. Do you see their opinion of the position ever changing? - MICHAEL SCHARCH

Bryan: From my understanding they had a discussion about drafting Juan Thornhill before they selected Trysten Hill. I don't disagree with you about the position but I think we're getting closer to adding a real difference maker there besides Xavier Woods. 

Rob: Stephen Jones spoke about their philosophy pretty extensively at the pre-draft press conference two weeks ago. They've looked at adding big-time, ball-hawking, playmaking safeties when available, but in their mind, those safeties are pretty rare. The club does think Xavier Woods has a chance to be special. They liked Virginia's Juan Thornhill, who went to the Chiefs at No. 63, but believe Woods has the free safety spot locked down. If given the choice between a safety and a defensive lineman like Trysten Hill, they're usually going to lean toward the D-Line.

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