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Mailbag: Potential Draft Needs? Are The Offense's Issues Exaggerated?


It seems to me that the Cowboys have a plethora of holes to fill, including some areas most of us had thought were solid like O-Line and receiver. What areas do you see the Cowboys addressing this year in the draft, and do you feel they will be more active in free agency?

Bryan: If being more active is signing their own, yes I do. As much as it pains fans, signing big-ticket free agents is not in this team's DNA. Stephen Jones would rather draft and develop than he would overpay for a guy and have it not work out. Drafting is a risk that he can live with.

Rob:The offensive line is still a major strength on this team when Tyron Smith is healthy, but swing tackle is an area to look at in the offseason, and left guard is a question mark once again with Jonathan Cooper a free agent in 2018. Linebacker depth could be a major need, too, depending on what happens with free-agent-to-be Anthony Hitchens.


Do you think the offensive woes are being a little too overblown? I think the coaches will address these issues, and maybe with no Zeke drama, the Cowboys will go back to being who they always were. With that said, how about we focus on defense in the upcoming draft? I think we can use some depth there, and I also feel like with a few more players that our defense can become feared.

Bryan: I don't think it was overblown. Coming into the season that was clearly the strength of the team. Injuries hurt your offensive line, and the suspension to your best player was a factor too. But the lack of production by the receivers was quite frankly alarming. Jason Garrett and the staff had better have a better plan going forward or Jerry Jones is going to be looking at a new group to turn things around. 

Rob:What has gotten lost through this criticism of the offense, in my opinion, is just how dominant the unit looked halfway through the season. When Zeke left for suspension, the Cowboys had averaged 31.7 points in their previous six games. However, while, the potential is still there, the issues they've had recently are real, and there's not just one reason for them. Tyron Smith's injury was big. With Smith injured or less than full strength, the protection for Dak Prescott suffered. The offense also needs bigger plays in the passing game next season, and that involves everyone -- the offensive line, the quarterback, the receivers.

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