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Mailbag: Predicting Terrance Williams' Future?



I have read a lot of prediction pieces on what WRs make the Cowboys roster this year and I do not understand why after inconsistency, drops, injury and arrest, Terrance Williams still makes the team or is a consideration. Is it because he showed team loyalty on his last contract?

Bryan: He played with a group last season that as a whole wasn't very good. Despite all of those things you pointed out Terrance Williams is still a talented football player. So before you start kicking guys to the curb, go back and watch him work against Marcus Peters formally of the Chiefs. You might actually change your tune.

David: For me, the conversation starts with money. The way Terrance's contract is structured, it actually costs money to release him. You hurt your cap situation just to get rid of him – and he's actually one of the most experienced receivers on the team. On top of that, he has shown an ability to make plays and is a willing blocker in the run games. Coaches value those sorts of things. At the end of the day, I just don't see him being cut.


No one is talking about Bo Scarbrough. I thought he played well at Alabama, and I thought he would be a good complement to Zeke. I have not heard anything, or any columns about him.

Bryan: I felt like we've talked and written about Scarbrough plenty, especially post draft. Can he be the third back on the roster? Can he play special teams? If not, why should he be on the 46-man roster game day? Can he be consistent enough as a pass catcher or learn the assignments well enough to help in pass protection? I know we've tried to map out a path to how he makes this team.

David: We've talked about as much about Bo as I think we're supposed to talk about a seventh-round draft pick. He's a big, impressive back and I really like his chances to make the team. But he's still going to make contributions on special teams and show his worth during the preseason. The Cowboys signed an undrafted running back, and they brought back Darius Jackson to compete with Scarbrough. I think he's got a good chance to make the team, but by no means is it a guarantee.

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