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Mailbag: Predicting This Year's Punt Returner?


I read that a bunch of candidates fielded punts during OTAs, but is there a favorite for the job at this point? And could CeeDee Lamb possibly do it again? – TRENT MILLER / DENVER, CO

Nick: I think it's still up in the air. And the fact the Cowboys had a workout on Friday that included a pair of wide receivers who both fielded punts as part of the workout, it tells me they're still looking. As for CeeDee, I would think the only way he's back there is if the ball is near midfield and you're thinking he's probably just going to fair catch this thing around the 10, or let it go into the end zone. He's pretty sure-handed in that regard and the injury risk is very minimal. Now, I wouldn't use him as the full-time returner. So, who it will be? I guess Jalen Tolbert and Tony Pollard would both be options. I'd like to see Pollard back there full-time just to get the ball in his hands more. He'll have to prove he can catch it consistently. But I think the Cowboys are still going to add another receiver at some point, and if he's got some punt-return experience, that could be an added bonus. So right now, it's wide open.

Rob: I don't expect it to be Lamb again. His role in the passing game is too large now. Right now I lean toward Jalen Tolbert because we know he'll have a role on game days and he's got a little experience returning punts, though the South Alabama coaching staff didn't want to risk him back there since he was the best player on the team. Could Tony Pollard return both kicks and punts? It's an option but probably not likely if in fact he's going to see a bump in usage on offense.

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