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Mailbag: Salary Cap Flexibility? Taco's Time?


Having committed mega-bucks to D-Law (deservedly so), how does that affect the Cowboys' ability under the cap to sign Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott to long-term deals this year or next year? Does that leave any room for Byron Jones? - AMEER BHUTTO / KARACHI, PAKISTAN

Bryan: I am not a cap expert by any means. I have been told that if they want to, they could get all of these guys done. They know that 2020 is a big year for them, so this is something they have planned for. 

Rob: My understanding is they've still got the flexibility to get other long-term deals done. Just remember, though, this is why they don't break the bank in free agency. You essentially can't do both and assemble any sort of quality depth on your 53-man roster. Robert Quinn and Randall Cobb are great adds because they're starting quality players who still give them that cap flex.


How much potential is there for Taco Charlton to prove himself this year? When he was drafted all the talk was about how it took him three years to develop in college and then he was amazing. So while the hope was he would contribute sooner than later as a first-round pick, the expectation was it would take some time. Since this will be his third year I'm hoping for a breakout for him but it seems, especially with the trade for Robert Quinn, like everyone is overlooking him. -DEVON DAVIDSON

Bryan: Charlton knows he has to perform better. He's healthy and been around the facility quite a bit getting ready for the offseason program. The front office and staff have faith in him, so I'll share their optimism. 

Rob: Charlton still will have a chance to earn snaps, especially if Randy Gregory misses extended time with that indefinite suspension. Remember, he was the starter at right defensive end until a shoulder injury knocked him out of the rotation in November. You make a good point about his college career: He wasn't a starter until his senior year. But this is a big season for him, no question.

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