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Mailbag: Salary Cap Shape? Early Draft Need?

Stephen and Jerry Jones

It seems as if the front office has placed itself in a good position to sign some key players and finally put a lot of dead money behind them. With that being said, how good of position is the cap space actually in? - TYRONE YOUNG / ALBUQUERQUE, NM

Rob: Looks to be in good shape. Cap space always fluctuates, and the Cowboys have always found ways to create more by restructuring deals if needed. But right now they're projected at around $54 million in room. Keep in mind they've got to save space for the 2019 draft class, and surely they're budgeting for possible extensions for key players nearing the end of their current deals.

Bryan: The projected number appears to be $54.6 million at this time.

With the amount of time (usually measured in seasons) it takes to develop the tight end position and the resources the team has dedicated to developing Blake Jarwin and Dalton Schultz, do you think it's smart to take a TE with our top pick in the draft late in the second round? If the team is in win-now mode, which most of us fans think is where we are, then wouldn't it make more sense to go for players with a chance for instant impact? - LANDON CABELL

Rob: If the best player left on the board is a tight end, he should get very strong consideration. This is a different story than past years when the Cowboys drafted second-round tight ends that sat behind peak Jason Witten. Jarwin and Schultz made progress, but Geoff Swaim is a free agent and there's absolutely nothing wrong with finding more players who can help Dak Prescott in the passing game. Besides, name me another position where a late second-round pick is guaranteed to make an instant impact.

Bryan: If a tight end is the best player on that board I am going with that. There is a good chance that there will be one that helps you before any of the other positions you might be looking at.

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