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Mailbag: Should A Productive Spencer Get Another Deal?


If Anthony Spencer should repeat his Pro Bowl play from last season, could you see him being signed to a long-term contract or should the team be concerned about his age and possible pending decline of play?

Bryan: If I am the Cowboys, I let Spencer play out the tag and go from there. If he plays great and you feel like he can continue at that level in this scheme then find a way to get a deal done. He has started off these OTAs well so let's see if he can carry it forward in Oxnard, then the season. I do believe they have a plan for how to handle this.

Rowan: Ideally, if he can play the same way he did as a 3-4 linebacker at 4-3 end, they'd do what they could to lock him up. The problem becomes the cap. They've moved money to later years with restructures of contracts and they have quite a few deals for primary players needed to be worked out in the next year or so, so they may not have the money Spencer would warrant. Spencer will be in his 30s this time next year, so that has to be considered, but the one-year deal will give them a few options. Let's see how he plays as an end first.

Which undrafted rookie has the best chance of making the roster?

Bryan:I usually have a solid answer for these types of questions but I am going to give you three names instead of just one. Safety Jakar Hamilton in the rookie camp played like he had a real feel for the position and did it with some skill. Linebacker Taylor [embedded_ad] Reed plays a position at Mike where they might be looking for some depth and Brandon Magee is in the same boat as the Will. This special teams coach has always had linebackers on his units that can run and make plays. Its early but Reed and Magee have those types of traits.

Rowan: Hamilton and Magee both stand out most to me. They gave Magee enough guaranteed money to let everyone know what they thought of him right off the bat.  Hamilton's a guy that's been on their radar, but the Cowboys have quite a few players they'd like to keep at that position. I wouldn't be surprised if either or both of them made it.

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