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Mailbag: Should Austin Be Getting More Involved?



Why haven't the Cowboys tried to get Miles Austin involved more since his return?

David: I'm not sure it's lack of trying. Austin has been targeted eight times in two games since he returned. That's the same number of targets as Terrance Williams in that stretch, and it's just three fewer targets than Jason Witten. Dez Bryant is running away in that category with 25 targets in those two games, but I think we can all agree that's a good thing. Austin made a clutch catch in the game-winning drive against New York, and his lone catch against Oakland tied his season high. No, he hasn't been a game-changer, but I don't think that's the role he's suited for anymore.

Rowan: I think they tried to ease him in early on during his return, but he's been out there for the most part. They've just made an effort recently to get the ball to Dez Bryant, which makes sense, and they've found some success in the running game. If Austin's job is drawing away double teams and securing important first-down grabs or being active in two-minute drills, then so be it. They don't need him to catch seven or eight passes anymore for him to be effective. He just can't have the drops.


Can any of you guys explain to me how this Dallas defense held a Nick Foles lead Eagles team to 3 points, but since then Foles has been on fire. What did the Cowboys do that no team has since?

David: I would hate to take any credit away from the Cowboys' pass rush, because they absolutely smothered Foles that afternoon. But it was a chilly, windy day at Lincoln Financial Field. Watch that game again, and you'll see the Eagles get some wide open plays that Foles just flat out missed – and the pressure from the Cowboys certainly didn't help his cause. Now, why wasn't he better prepared, or better-suited, for throwing in those conditions? I'm not sure. What's honestly more impressive to me is the way Dallas was able to make LeSean McCoy a non-factor in that game. There's no doubt, the more the Eagles continue to win, the more impressive that beatdown looks.


Rowan: I really can't believe the quarterback we saw in Philadelphia is the same guy who's been dissecting defenses in basically every other game he's played. He was missing receivers left and right in that game, including ones who were wide open, yet Foles holds an incredible 19-to-0 touchdown-to-interception ratio this year. The Cowboys did a fantastic job of getting pressure on him that game, but I have to think Foles' performance in that one was more of a fluke. It could be he struggles in the elements when the weather gets unfavorable.

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