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Mailbag: Should Cowboys manage clock better?


Prior to the season, Mike McCarthy talked about not always lighting up the scoreboard and giving up production to take care of the ball. But at the end of the game against the Lions, we saw the Cowboys throw the ball, including one deep, when it seemed like they needed to eat up some clock. And this isn't the first game this has happened. What do you think? Would you like to see them manage the clock better in those situations? – Michael Lopez/Galveston, TX

Nick Harris:There is definitely a point towards managing the clock better late in games, and throwing it deep on second down and stopping the clock under the two-minute warning is a perfect example of that. That gave Detroit at least 40 more seconds on the clock to drive down the field and score, but fortunately Dallas was able to escape with the win. When asked about it in the postgame press conference, Mike McCarthy said that they felt they could put it away with that shot. Obviously, that didn't happen. I think the next time around, the play-calling will be more conservative.

Mickey: That play was an error on Dak Prescott that he admitted to after the game. The call was to be a very safe conservative throw to Brandin Cooks on a short crossing pattern since the Cowboys weren't doing a very good job of running the football. The play call was not a deep pass to CeeDee Lamb that Dak sailed even worse out of bounds. Not sure I've seen them make a bunch of mistakes late in games, especially since they have played only five one-score games and have won three of those, with no clock management problems in the 28-23 loss to Philly on the road nor in the loss to Miami other than the defense not getting a stop.

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