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Mailbag: Should Cowboys Pursue Odell Beckham? 


Since we didn't trade for a wide receiver last week, should we read into the reports the Cowboys have interest in Odell Beckham Jr.? Is he even ready to play and do you think he'd be able to make a huge difference? — Clayton T. Mullins / San Angelo, Texas

Patrik: Nobody can deny the skill set of OBJ, but it's also true that there's something to be said for the fact he's coming from a second torn ACL; and what would now be on the back end of a season. For those who believed Michael Gallup would need time to find top form, apply that same reasoning (and then some) to the 30-year-old Beckham, Jr. - and in an offense that would see him splitting targets with Gallup, Lamb, Brown and the TE trio. If he's willing to accept a role smaller than he saw in LA (or NYG), it could definitely work, but (again) I struggle to see him firing on all cylinders right out of the gate.

Nick: While I'm usually skeptical of things like this, I'm not totally dismissing it. And it's not because it's being reported, it's because the Cowboys seemingly have interest in a lot of receivers. Apparently, they tried to land a few veterans before the trade deadline. So now there's a high-profile guy that is close to being ready and he's on the market. Now, that being said, I wonder how much he can immediately contribute. That's not because of the injury, it's just not easy for any receiver to step into an offense and make a difference. But, Amari Cooper did and OBJ did with the Rams. This guy is a freak and if he's close to being what he was, it would be an interesting move. I'd be for it.

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