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Mailbag: Sign Former Giants CB? Isaac's Chances? 


Should the Cowboys go after James Bradberry now that he's been released by the Giants? That to me would be an upgrade. What do you think? – MICHAEL SCHEBEN / BINGHAMTON, NY

Nick: I would not do that. I mean, I try to stick to just one team to cover so I can't say I know what's going on with the Giants. But something tells me they need good corners, too. The Cowboys have one of the best corners in the NFL in Diggs. After that, Anthony Brown and Jourdan Lewis are both pretty good, especially for their price tags and then they've got young corners in Joseph and Wright, and now Bland. I don't think adding a guy like Bradberry puts them over the top. And that's the only type of cornerback I'd consider adding.

David: My hot take for the day is that I'm not 100% convinced it's an upgrade. If the Cowboys had an obvious hole at cornerback, sure. But PFF gave Bradberry a worse grade in coverage than both Trevon Diggs and Anthony Brown. He also only played 68 snaps in the slot last year, which is Jourdan Lewis' specialty. He was flagged five times on the year, including three for defensive pass interference. He also allowed eight touchdowns – again, according to PFF. When you factor all of that together with the cost of signing him, I'm just not convinced it's necessary for this defense.

I don't hear much mention of offensive lineman Isaac Alarcón. I understand he is raw, but he is big and very athletic. What are his chances of sticking on the roster this year? – RANDAL EMBREY / BERRYVILLE, TX

Nick: On the actual roster? I think that's still a stretch although he did make big strides from Year 1 to Year 2. Let's see if he can do that again this year. But because they get a roster exemption from him during the offseason and then on the practice squad, that makes me think he'll be on the practice squad. He's going to have to be heads and shoulders above the rest to stick around and I don't see that happening. But his development has been fun to watch and I bet we get to see it for at least another training camp, if not two.

David: I think his chances of hanging around are about 100%, because the Cowboys have once again been granted a roster exemption that will keep Isaac from counting toward their active roster or practice squad limit. Whether that means we'll actually see him carve out a role for himself, I'm not so sure. He does have impressive size and athleticism, but I just think he's got a lot of catching up to do compared to guys that played high level high school and college football. If you'll remember, Efe Obada came over from the U.K. and was on the training camp roster in 2014. It took him until 2018 to appear in a regular season game. Efe turned out to be a wonderful success story, as he's still playing. And maybe that'll be the case for Isaac, too. But these things take time.

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