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Mailbag: Special Chemistry? Tyron's Ankle?


I'm a longtime fan, and can't remember a Cowboys team with better chemistry or a more cohesive mix of veterans, younger guys, and likable characters. What do you think? The results aren't in yet to compare with the "dirty dozen" or early 90's clubs, but for total buy-in and camaraderie, these guys seem to have it. – LES HOFFMAN / PELL CITY, AL

David: The chemistry of the 2016 team was pretty incredible. But I think the difference is that 2016 was such a youth movement. Dak and Zeke were the faces of that team, and they were only rookies who didn't know what they didn't know. This team has that same camaraderie and enthusiasm, but this is a group of guys who are in their prime. You can feel a sense of maturity and professionalism, if that makes sense. It's been fun to watch.

Rob: Jayron Kearse, one of the most important contributors to this 6-1 start, said today that this is probably the most fun he's had in the NFL. That's because of the camaraderie and chemistry on this team. So your point is well taken. Winning always helps. But I think this is proving to be a team that plays for each other, and that in itself contributes to winning. That's a big reason they found a way to win in Minnesota without Dak in the lineup. Everybody contributed.

With the next few weeks with a relatively easy schedule, would it be wise to have Tyron Smith have surgery to clean up his ankle and have him come back in 3-4 weeks healthy for the latter part of the season? – ABRAHAM CANTU / ALTON, TX

David: I'm not a medical professional, so I'm not comfortable speaking on what Tyron should or shouldn't do. But I do wonder if that's a conversation the Cowboys are having this week as they evaluate his ankle. Is this a situation where he can gut through the pain, or will it be harder to deal with as the season goes along? Given their record and their depth at tackle, they can probably weather the storm if he needs to miss a few weeks. It's a good question that we'll just have to wait and see the answer to.

Rob: As far as we know right now, they're trying to see if he can manage this ankle issue – a bone spur, as Jerry Jones mentioned – with rest and get through it. Not saying this is the exact same injury, but Amari Cooper played through bone spurs in his ankle last year and got it cleaned up in the offseason. So we'll just have to see. Based on Mike McCarthy's comments today, it sounds like they're preparing to play without him Sunday at this point.

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