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Mailbag: Status Of The Swing Tackle Job?


Boy oh boy, Ty Nsekhe did not look good at all against Pittsburgh in my opinion. He moves more like a guard, do you think he was a good signing? I've looked for video of him being athletic enough to handle the edge in pass pro at tackle and I can't find any. Maybe he could play guard but we have good depth there. What are your thoughts? — COACH G / MYRTLE BEACH, SC

David: I do agree with you that the Pittsburgh game didn't look great, but I don't think they're going to move Nsekhe to guard. He's been playing tackle in this league for close to a decade. I think the reality of the situation is that not many teams are fortunate enough to feel great about their swing tackle situation. The realistic scenario is probably that they'll play this thing out between Nsekhe and Terence Steele over the coming weeks and see who's better-suited for the job. Both of those guys should get plenty of opportunities over the next few weeks.

Rob: Nsekhe was a reliable swing tackle for years in Washington, so the Cowboys knew about him plenty when they signed him. Of the current backup tackles at this point, he still might be the most likely candidate to win that job over Terence Steele or rookie Josh Ball, who could miss several more days with an ankle injury. But Mike McCarthy did eventually move Zack Martin out to tackle last year when injuries kept piling up, and maybe that's their best option if the Cowboys are ever put in that situation again this season.

At 6'7, is Brett Urban our tallest D-Lineman since "Too-Tall" Jones? Dan Quinn said it's his tallest D-Line, so do we expect more batted balls and tipped passes? I miss the days of "Too Tall" and Harvey Martin - they were like volleyball players setting each other up for interceptions. — ALLEN SHARKEY / SKIATOOK, OK

David: It's not just about height. This defensive line is ridiculously long. Carlos Watkins has an incredibly long pair of arms, and Tarell Basham and Quinton Bohanna are right there with him. If what we've seen at practice is any indicator, I'm guessing these guys will get their hands on a few passes this year.

Rob: I would say Urban is easily the biggest defensive lineman on the team since David Irving. I haven't seen him side by side next to Tyron Smith yet, but they're close to the same size, give or take an inch or two in height, to give you a comparison. There was a practice early in camp when he and a couple other linemen batted down at least four passes in team drills, so your point is well taken.

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