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Mailbag: Stealing Hand Signals An Issue?


Hey guys, just saw an article talking about how some Saints players reviewed old footage of Kellen Moore in college and used some of his hand signals to figure out what the plays were going to be. Was wondering if anyone saw this, what you think about it, and if Kellen Moore will change some of his signals going forward? - RYAN NESSELRODT / NANTUCKET, MA

Bryan: Kellen Moore addressed it on Thursday. He knows about it and says it's nothing but click bait. There is nothing he's done signal wise from Boise that he has brought with him to Dallas. The Saints should be commenting on how well their front seven played and not some signals they might have picked up.

Rob: Moore basically laughed it off Thursday, telling reporters that "we don't do a single thing the same way" in that regard. In other words, there's nothing the Saints could have gleaned from his Boise State tape. Give the Saints credit for playing very well on defense. But the Cowboys just don't buy that story.

Hey guys, wanted to revisit your discussion on the podcast yesterday about the basic fundamentals holding the team back the last two games. Do you think it's really that simple, or are there deeper issues, perhaps the depth everyone talked about in camp? Thanks. - WAENARD W / FORT WORTH, TX

Bryan: I think fundamentals have been a huge problem for this team. The defensive issues defending the run is about playing with your hands. Getting off blocks and finishing when you get in position to do so. On the offensive side of the ball there's been too many unnecessary holding penalties and balls bouncing off receivers' hands. Clean these areas up and opponents will have a hard time dealing with them.

Rob: A large part of it is about basic things, yes. If the offense doesn't turn over the ball, they've got a much better chance to win both those games. That's very correctable. The defense feels the same way about defending the run. That said, as passing game coordinator Kris Richard said, teams will try similar run plays against them to see if they can handle it. And, the lack of takeaways do add more pressure on the offense to drive long fields without mistakes.

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