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Mailbag: Take Watkins If He Falls In The First Round?


Assuming Sammy Watkins slips all the way down to the Cowboys & assuming he's the best player available, does it make sense for the Cowboys to draft him? The Cowboys have talent at WR, but they don't have a speedster like Watkins.

Nick: I just can't be on board with anything that's not defense. You drafted a talented receiver last year that "slipped" to you in the third round. You've got a legit No. 1 receiver in Dez Bryant. I don't think anything makes sense if it's not defense. There are too many needs there for there not to be someone who is in the range of talent at that first-round spot.

Rowan: I would absolutely consider it. I still think the Cowboys could use another player who can potentially become a No. 1 receiver, particularly if Dez Bryant's back gets any worse this year. Ideally, a stud defensive lineman would be available for the Cowboys in that first round spot. But that may not be what happens, and if the Cowboys can get a player many consider the draft's top receiver, they should consider it. If there's no defensive lineman or safety they see anywhere in the [embedded_ad] range of Watkins, then pull the trigger.

Seems to me that extending contracts of some 'experienced' (aged) players is going to bite you in the tail eventually. At what point do we let them go, drop our cap and rebuild?

Nick: I think that's a good question. That usually happens when you don't have a quarterback. I would imagine whenever they cut ties with Romo, that it'll probably be a time to take a big hit on the cap and start over. It seemed to happen that way in 2000 – and that was the last year Troy Aikman was with the team.

Rowan: I think you'll start seeing that as soon as this year. The future of Miles Austin is still very much a question mark and whether DeMarcus Ware takes a pay cut or not is a hotly debated topic of the offseason. The Cowboys are without Jay Ratliff now as well. The team is getting younger and decisions will have to be made this offseason on the futures of some of the veterans making more money than many think they're worth.

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