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Mailbag: The Best Cowboys Draft Class Ever?


While I was excited about the idea of the Cowboys drafting one of the better safeties in this year's draft, I'm a bit confused as to why there seems to be such an outcry of how safety is a huge need. When I look at how last season unfolded, the games that didn't go well were results of the lines not producing the way we began to expect them to (i.e. Indianapolis and LA). I also think Jeff Heath makes more plays than some tend to give him credit for. With that in mind, bolstering the D-Line seems absolutely reasonable to me. Do you see it differently? - JAMES MITCHELL / INDIANAPOLIS, IN

Bryan: Defensive backs coach/passing game coordinator Kris Richard agrees with you and that's why they went the direction they did. I like the additions of Christian Covington and Kerry Hyder as well to help the defensive line. Group should be better as a whole.

Rob: That's the way the Cowboys see it, and that was the rationale for the Trysten Hill pick: If the front four is dominant, the safeties will play better on the back end. Historically, safety just hasn't been a high draft or free agent priority. The money and picks have gone mostly to cornerbacks and linemen.


A rule I hear a lot is not to judge a draft class for three years. Looking at our 2016 draft class is pretty spectacular. Is it the best Cowboys draft ever? / JOHN BRADLEY / GREELEY, CO

Bryan: Please tune into The Draft Show on Thursday where we discuss that with Will McClay. Should be a really interesting show with some great insight.

Rob: "The Dirty Dozen" is in the conversation, too. The second draft I covered was 2005 and that was an amazing haul: essentially an entire starting defensive line (D-Ware, Marcus Spears, Jay Ratliff, Chris Canty) plus a starting running back (Marion Barber).

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