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Mailbag: The Difference In The Second Half?


Is it just me, or does this team seem to be making better halftime adjustments? In the past, this was a weakness, but this coaching staff is able to reassess their plan, adjust to game conditions, and the execution in the second half is much improved. - CHRIS KIRKES / MURCHISON, TX

Bryan: Adjustments have been good, but in my opinion the players are better. Saw some of the same things they tried to run in the first half carrying over to the second. Better execution means better results, and that's on the players.

Rob: Hard to argue your point, particularly on offense, when Dak Prescott is a perfect 22-of-22 in the third quarter this season, including 9-of-9 against Miami. That's kind of incredible. Bryan's right – execution is a huge part of it. The most important thing Sunday, though, was they eliminated some of the self-inflicted mistakes. But I do think through three games the offense is unlocking the best way to attack a defense as the game unfolds.

It's hard to argue that this defense has taken a step back this season, especially after just limiting Miami to six points, but it doesn't seem as stout as we were led to believe going into the season. Having said that, how will this defense improve as the season progresses? - CALEAB LOSEE / CRESTLINE, CA

Bryan: Those balls that hit defensive backs' hands need to be caught, plain and simple. The pass rush should improve with Robert Quinn now in the mix because he can consistently win those one-on-one battles he's going to face. Affect the quarterback and this defense will be different.

Rob: I know the defense expects more from themselves. They want more pressure, more takeaways. No doubt that can improve. That said, you look at the box score and they're ranked fourth in points allowed (14.7 per game). Offenses have converted 7 of 35 first downs. These games are about to get tougher, but the bottom line is they're getting off the field and keeping teams out of the end zone. Getting Xavier Woods, Antwaun Woods and Tyrone Crawford back will help.

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