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Mailbag: The Future At The TE Position?


Do you see a starting tight end competition next offseason between Blake Jarwin and Dalton Schultz? Or do you not see this forming, as the coaching staff will begin utilizing both as weapons in two tight end sets? — ERIC WHITE / WEST JORDAN, UT

Nick: I don't see a competition there. They've paid Jarwin to be the starter and I really don't think Schultz has done enough to open it up into a real competition. But don't forget, most teams use two tight ends on a regular basis. Blake Bell is a free agent after the season after signing just a one-year deal. It wouldn't surprise me if he's not back in 2021 and the Cowboys perhaps draft one that can block and just use both Jarwin and Schultz as primary pass-catchers.

David: I don't think it needs to be thought of as a competition. The Cowboys have run 130 snaps of 12 personnel this season, so clearly there's plenty of opportunity for multiple tight ends to have a role. On top of that, you can rotate your starter if need be. Rather than worry about a starter, I just think it's very encouraging that this team seems to have found and developed multiple tight ends that are worth being excited about.

Why doesn't C.J. Goodwin get some reps at corner with so many injuries? I recall he did OK in 2018-19 preseason games and he has consistently performed well on special teams and has speed and size. — BILL CONWAY / PALM SPRINGS, CA

Nick: I think Goodwin is considered a really good athlete, but not one who has the ball-skills and instincts to play defense. He was a receiver in college and so with his top-end speed, there's a place for him in the NFL. It's just not really a cornerback. That's what he's listed at, but I don't think he's really played there much. But he's definitely a special teams ace and he's one of the best in the league at that.

David: Without trying to throw shade at C.J., I remember things somewhat differently. I also remember having conversations during training camp about why he brought up the bottom of the depth chart. I'm not trying to knock the guy. He's a fantastic special teamer and a valuable member of the roster. He's also a seventh-year vet who isn't noted for his coverage ability. I'm fine with those reps going toward younger players.

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