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Mailbag: The Most Important Signing So Far?


Is it me or is the L.P. Ladouceur signing the most important one to date? I know safety is a need and Randall Cobb is going to help out, but special teams is where a lot of games are won and lost. Other than one notable play last year Ladouceur has been a solid player for years. - TOM HUTCHISON / INVERNESS, SCOTLAND

Rob: Greetings from across the pond, Tom. Cobb is the most dynamic signing they've made, but you make an interesting point. The Cowboys haven't developed a replacement for Ladouceur, and aside from that controversial snap infraction against Washington last year -- Ladouceur was adamant he kept his same pre-snap routine -- he's been close to perfect at his job for 14 seasons.

Bryan: Love for the long snapper. That's new for the Mailbag. It is an important signing and one that many folks pay no mind to. It was big for them to get him done to maintain the consistency of the overall operation of the group.


The typical fan's question: Is there a reason to believe that this year free agent picks could work better than the not-so-good (I won't say wrong) choices we made in the last four years? - ANDREA CATALDI / ASCOLI PICENO, ITALY

Rob: We love questions from all over the globe. The Cowboys will acknowledge they've missed on some free agent signings in recent years. Cedric Thornton, Stephen Paea, Nolan Carroll, Deonte Thompson -- those additions didn't work out. Now, none of them really hurt the cap and they've been able to find replacements elsewhere: Antwaun Woods, Chidobe Awuzie, Michael Gallup. I do think Cobb has a chance to be their best signing in a while because he's proven to be a very productive player when healthy. The key is staying healthy.

Bryan: You're going to have some hits/misses when it comes to free agency. The misses they've had in the past haven't crippled them cap-wise, so those aren't so bad. Overall I feel like the pro department has done a solid job. Cam Fleming, Joe Thomas and Antwaun Woods have all been good gets. The current additions have a chance to be just as good with a little luck and good health.

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