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Mailbag: The Most Underrated Cowboy Ever?


Who is the most underrated player in Cowboys history? No. 1 for me would have to be Tony Romo and in no certain order afterwards would be Mark Stepnoski, Jim Jeffcoat, Jethro Pugh, Dat Nguyen and Terence Newman. What are your thoughts? Love the work and keep it up. — MATT STEVENS - NICHOLASVILLE, KY

Jonny: Oh wow, I love that question and I also hate it because it's so hard to answer. I think Tony Romo is a fair answer because there are still so many people who don't appreciate how good he was. But I would probably say either Jason Witten or Larry Allen. I know everyone loves Witten, but by the end it felt like more of a love based out of longevity. He is the best tight end in Cowboys history and very close to being the best tight end in NFL history. Just watch the tape to remind yourself of what Allen looked like. It was complete dominance, and I think he would have fared just as well in any era.

Rob: It's a little hard for me to answer with full context because my Cowboys consciousness only dates back to the early '90s, but I lean toward Hall of Fame caliber players who haven't gotten enough consideration. Fortunately, Drew Pearson is finally getting the recognition he deserves. I didn't watch Harvey Martin or Chuck Howley or Lee Roy Jordan, but they had tremendous careers on great teams. For me, it's Darren Woodson. Unbelievably versatile, especially for the era in which he played. It makes no sense that only one player from the '90s dynasty defense, Charles Haley, is currently in the Hall of Fame (two if you count Deion, who joined the team in '95).

Here's a bold prediction that I hope comes true and proves to be not so bold. I believe D-Law and Randy Gregory combine for at least 20 sacks this year. Do you think this is doable and or bold to predict? — JOHN WALKER / AUSTIN, TX

Jonny: Well it's definitely bold, but it MIGHT be doable. I think that's pretty high. The secondary has to help if two players are going to combine for 20 sacks, and I'm not sure that I'm that confident this secondary will cover guys long enough on a consistent basis for the QB to go down. I'll say 14 and hope you're right.

Rob: Is it possible? Of course. Lawrence and Gregory actually came pretty close in 2018, and last year Gregory had 3.5 sacks in only 10 games playing minimal snaps. Is it tough to do? Yep. DeMarcus Ware and Anthony Spencer in 2012 were the last Cowboys pass rushers to pull it off in the same season. It sure would help if the Cowboys are healthier on offense and the defense can play with more leads in the second half.

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