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Mailbag: The Stat-Line Schultz Needs For New Deal?


What type of season does Dalton Schultz need to have to secure a long-term deal with this organization? For me, it's less about putting up statistics and more so about being a top two or three target in this offense, making plays down the field, and serving as a plus blocker in the run game. What do you guys think? — DAVE LEAVITT / BOSTON, MA

Nick: He needs to be someone defenses are worried about. Right now, we haven't seen that a lot but to be fair, he's played in a system that included CeeDee, Amari and Michael Gallup. Right now, he could be the No. 2 option heading into the Tampa Bay game. Let's see how he does against schemes that will focus on stopping him. I'm really on the fence about that right now because a part of me thinks his numbers will trail off a bit, but then I think about the options for Dak and maybe Dalton will shine even more. But we're about to find out and I totally understand why the Cowboys wanted to wait before giving him a long-term deal. But the problem with that – if Schultz does ball out, the price tag will most certainly go up next year.

Kyle: It doesn't necessarily seem fair, but it would have to be a step up from what he produced over the last two seasons. Despite turning into a considerable red zone threat and reliable target for Dak Prescott, he is not a game changer at the tight end position. Schultz would have to join George Kittle and Travis Kelce by taking over games and giving defenses fits in order to receive a contract like they have. That's the biggest disconnect between the sides at the moment, and one that has to get decided. Schultz' side looks at the production, while Dallas believes that production can come from elsewhere for cheaper.

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