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Mailbag: Third Quarterback Options? Impressions Of Doug Free This Year?

What happens when Romo comes back – will Jameill Showers be brought in as third QB, or will they proceed with two?  And next year will they keep Moore as a third/assistant QB coach?

Bryan: Well there are three quarterbacks currently on the roster and I don't see that changing for the remainder of the season. If you put Mark Sanchez on the street now, you will most likely lose him to another team. There is nothing wrong keeping him here because of his knowledge of the playbook, and he is in place if something were to happen to Romo or Prescott in a game. Just a note: Jameill Showers is now a full time safety wearing Darren Woodson's old number 28.

David:As long as Tony Romo is part of this team's plans, I don't think they can afford to carry only two quarterbacks ever again. His injury risk is too high to leave yourself without insurance. Mark Sanchez has starting experience and appears to fit in the locker room quite well. I think he'll stay around all year, and the Cowboys will have to make a decision between him and Moore in the offseason. Both are free agents in 2017. I don't get the impression Showers is part of this team's long-term quarterback plans.

One of the complaints about Doug Free was that there were times when his footwork was slow.  At times that seems to still be the case, but overall it looks like he has improved in that area.  Do you agree?

Bryan: I always get accused of defending Doug Free so take this as you may – Free has been dealing with a foot issue for the better part of two seasons now. It has compromised his ability to move – thus, why he has struggled the way he has at times. The foot has improved, but it has robbed him of what was one of his best traits – mobility. He has a difficult matchup this weekend against Brandon Graham, so he will need to be ready for a large dose of power to go along with that speed.

David:Doug Free reminds me of an aging car. He's got a lot of miles on him, and sometimes you're worried the engine isn't going to turn over in the morning. Despite that, he still manages to get you where you want to go. I think he's been solid, if not spectacular, all season. For this matchup, I wonder if he'll get some help from the likes of Jason Witten and Geoff Swaim. The Eagles' pass rush is fierce.


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