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Mailbag: Time For McGovern At Fullback Again?


Giving much thought to this, I would like to see Jason Peters start at left tackle and let Tyler Smith start at left guard, then you use McGovern as the fullback and extra protection for Dak's blind side, which I think he is better suited for. What do you think? – PAUL MEEK / SAN ANGELO, TX

Nick: At this point, I think everything is on the table. Right now, it doesn't appear as if Peters is ready to play just yet. He said himself it'll probably take a couple of weeks to get right. At that point, who knows how the left side will be playing against a couple of really good fronts with the Bucs and Bengals. But you're right, down the road of the season, the best scenario could be Peters at left tackle and Smith at left guard. I just think this addition gives them viable options across the line. I'm not going to lie, I really like McGovern playing some fullback. I think we've seen Matt Farniok also in that role, but McGovern is pretty good at it.

Patrik: In a perfect world, that would be an ideal setup for the Cowboys that puts (in my opinion) the best five in front of Dak Prescott. That said, when considering the fact Tyler Smith needs to be fully acclimated to left tackle for the coming conclusion of Tyron Smith's career (which is clearly speeding down the turnpike toward Dallas), it makes sense to keep the younger Smith at LT to begin the season. If things go horribly awry, then Peters is the "break glass in case of emergency" move, but considering he also needs time to prepare physically for the regular season (he's had no training camp reps) – the current plan makes perfect sense.

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