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Mailbag: Time To Add Veteran WR? Backup Center? 


The Cowboys have made strides towards replacing Amari Cooper and Cedrick Wilson. However, the wide receiver corps still doesn't seem as talented as last year. Are the Cowboys considering signing another wide receiver in free agency? If so, do you think there are any specific free agents who would fit well within Dallas's offense and salary cap constraints? — RICK BRIDGES / HOUSTON, TX

Nick: They lost Cooper and Wilson and replaced them with James Washington and Jalen Tolbert. So yeah, they're not as talented. I guess the hope is that CeeDee Lamb will take the next step to become a legit No. 1. But right now, to answer your question, I really don't see the Cowboys adding a veteran receiver. Personally, I think I would because the numbers just aren't strong, especially when it comes to experienced receivers. But I also get the point of letting the young receivers develop this offseason and if we get to the middle of camp and it's still a problem, then maybe they explore adding a veteran.

David: I completely see your logic, but I think I'd be surprised. You're right, the receiver corps looks a little thin - especially until Michael Gallup returns from his injury. But I'm not sure there's a healthy receiver who's worth the money it might cost to bring him in. I think the more likely outcome is that they lean on the trio of CeeDee Lamb, James Washington and Jalen Tolbert until Gallup is back, and hopefully they can get some development from guys like Simi Fehoko. If they still need help after training camp, maybe they'll re-visit this.

Mickey Spagnola's recent article focused on Tyler Biadasz seeming well positioned to continue as the starting center. But who is the backup center? If Tyler didn't secure the spot, would it go to Connor McGovern or Matt Farniok? — ALEX STELMACH / STEVENSON RANCH, CA

Nick: One thing has been clear for a while, my opinions on the center position are very different than the coaching staff and organization. I would've added some veteran help at center and/or drafted one. But, it didn't seem like the Cowboys had opinions of any of the centers in this draft. As for the starters and backups, Matt Farniok is going to get some looks and it appears Connor McGovern is working at center, too. So between those two and of course, Biadasz, the Cowboys will find the best center of the bunch. My gut suggests that Biadasz will win the job because really, it's hard to have serious competitions for the O-line positions. Continuity is so important there, that usually whoever they go with to start camp is the one that wins the job.

David: We've heard a lot of talk about Matt Farniok filling that role. He played some center in college at Nebraska, and he has supposedly been working at it a lot this offseason. It's also worth noting that the front office brought in two undrafted centers, Alec Lindstrom and James Empey. Maybe one of those guys can turn some heads this summer. But I think Farniok is probably the favorite.

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