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Mailbag: Time to Answer Bill Parcells' Question?


When posed with the question about how his team was looking, Bill Parcells is famously known for always responding, "Ask me after Thanksgiving." Well, here we are. What do you think? Are we finally going to make a serious playoff run? – Kaleb Adams/Dallas, TX

Nick: I think last year should tell us everything we need to do about how the regular season works with the playoffs. The Cowboys had a really good regular season and then it got into a matchup that wasn't favorable in the playoffs and lost – season over just like that. Could that happen this year? Of course, it could, especially since it's looking like they'll have to win three straight road games to make the Super Bowl. The Cowboys haven't three road games in the last 40 years. So, while this team looks better than last year and is probably the No. 2 team in the NFC, the fact they're still chasing the Eagles will make the climb even greater than last year. But I think this is a talented team that can beat anyone. They'll just have to prove they can do it on a consistent level if they're going to make that "serious run."

Mickey: I think after powering through these past two games, going on the road and wiping out Minnesota, 40-3, and then returning in four days and beating the Giants again, this time 28-20, to move to 8-3 and into second place in the NFC East and scoring the way the Cowboys have since Dak has returned, there is not a team in the NFC the Cowboys can't beat, and that includes Philadelphia, which gave up 33 points to the Packers Sunday night. And that bodes well for these playoffs. This team is much more prepared for the playoffs because this offensive line is playing well. And to think in a couple of weeks, Tyron Smith will return.

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