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Mailbag: Time To Draft A QB To Groom For The Future?

Should the boys draft a QB to start grooming him to replace Romo in a few years?

Nick: I think that's a good idea, but the question is where do they draft him? First or second round? If so, the grooming process won't take long. If it's middle rounds, I'd be on board with that. They tried that with Stephen McGee. This time, maybe they can get a guy who a) wasn't benched as a senior, and b) they don't have to refine all of his throwing mechanics. Nothing against McGee, but he wasn't NFL-ready and so far, not really NFL-caliber since he's out of the league. But nothing wrong with getting a young guy. But don't forget, this team is used to keeping 2 QBs on the roster. So getting a young guy to develop means he'll probably not be ready to back up. Then again Kirk Cousins did. So who knows.

Bryan: I wrote about this subject today for and I think you have to consider your options at quarterback but you cannot waste three seasons like you did with Stephen McGee. If there is a quarterback in this draft that as a staff you feel like has the qualities and traits to develop, they need to give that strong consideration. The situation with Romo and Orton will allow you to do pull this off but again, it's about the player. Also remember that Romo wasn't drafted but did sit in a good spot on the board, that post draft worked out well.

Do you see the Cowboy's holding out hope for Miles Austin, biting the heavy cap bullet to move on or being able to restructure his deal?

Nick: I don't think that will happen this year. They can save about $3 million if they cut him. Then again, you'll probably have to sign someone to replace him. So it'll end up being close to a wash money-wise and probably nothing close to that talent-wise. So it sounds good. And trust me, I think Austin can be more dependable at times, but it doesn't seem to make good sense.  

Bryan: Austin is in that group with Doug Free and Jay Ratliff where some decisions are going to have to be made. Bryant is clearly the club's best receiver and you have some other young guys that are developing so does that make the decision that much easier? There is a side of me that believes that Austin will be back for another go at this but the fact that we are answering this question says that things have not gone as well as planned.

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