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Mailbag: Timeline For Randy Gregory?


Now that Aldon Smith is back, does anyone know if Randy Gregory has tried to be reinstated? If so, where in the process is he? – RICH SWISH / HOUSTON, TX

David: We know that Randy has filed for reinstatement, and we know the NFL's process is murky at best. Beyond that, it's a bit hard to say. Aldon Smith's reinstatement last week, as well as the rules of the newly-adopted CBA, should give some cause for optimism. But again, the NFL's track record makes me wary. I'm going to need to see Randy get reinstated before I believe it'll happen. Wherever he is in the process, I hope he's continuing to do well as a person and not just as a potential football player.

Rob: As Stephen Jones said when asked about Gregory last month, this isn't the Cowboys' timing. Obviously the team will be hopeful, as they were with Smith, but they really won't know anything until Commissioner Goodell makes a decision. They can't have any contact with Gregory during suspension, so they're not involved in his reinstatement application.

Will the opportunities be there for Zeke to dominate games or will it be more about Dak passing? – CORY HEMRICH / OLNEY, IL

David: The modern NFL is obviously a passing league, and the Cowboys would be crazy not to take advantage of employing a top 10 quarterback, as well as three dynamic receivers. Still, there should be plenty of opportunities for Zeke Elliott. Baltimore and San Francisco dominated the league last year with a lot of help from their top-ranked run games. And a good running game is the best friend of any defense. If the Cowboys' offensive is as explosive as we think it will be, Zeke could do a lot of great work in the second half of games, when Dallas (hopefully) will hold a lot of leads.

Rob: I don't know if we've talked enough about CeeDee Lamb's arrival actually providing a boost to the run game. If the Cowboys spread out defenses with Amari and Gallup and Lamb and Jarwin, there should be favorable boxes for Elliott. And if you trace Mike McCarthy's coaching career back past Green Bay, it will debunk any narrative that he's opposed to running the football.

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