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Mailbag: Trying To Improve The QB Depth?


Are the Cowboys satisfied with their current backup options at quarterback, since it doesn't appear they are addressing the position in the draft or free agency? — D. PERRY / DAPHNE, AL

Rob: Jeff Driskel did take a free agent visit last Friday, so they're keeping an eye out for more depth. We'll see if a deal materializes. Even if it doesn't, I sort of expect a veteran backup addition at some point. They did the same thing last May with Andy Dalton. That was a pretty unique situation given Dalton's experience, but Driskel does have nine career starts and he played well against the Cowboys (accurate, mobile) back in 2019 as a member of the Lions.

David: I doubt they'd use the word "satisfied," given that they just had Jeff Driskel in for a workout — but there aren't a ton of inspiring options. I think the market was a lot friendlier last year because of the uncertainty with COVID, and what's why you saw guys like Andy Dalton and Jameis Winston sign such cheap deals. People might laugh at me for saying this, but I'd be down to kick the tires on Blake Bortles. You can do a lot worse than a backup QB with 73 career starts.

It seems like almost every draft site had tight end as a big area of need. I personally think we're in pretty good shape there. Obviously Dallas would have looked at Kyle Pitts had he slipped a little, but that didn't happen. But "area of need"? I think this team had much more important areas of need. Am I missing something? — GREG GLOVER / MYRTLE BEACH, SC

Rob: I agree it's not a major need this year. I also saw those "top needs" lists and I just think some in the national media got carried away with the "Kyle Pitts to Dallas" hype. It was always highly unlikely, and if you really watch/cover this team, you know what the real problems were last year. Everything we've heard about Blake Jarwin is that his knee rehab has been on track. And Dalton Schultz showed he can be a starter in this league, too.

David: I don't think you're missing anything, other than that national outlets don't pay close attention. Blake Jarwin will be healthy for 2021, and Dalton Schultz was more than solid in his absence. The front office also signed a solid replacement for Blake Bell in Jeremy Sprinkle, who has four years of experience under his belt. I'd have been thrilled to draft Kyle Pitts, but this is not a glaring weakness by any means, especially on a team with this much receiver talent.

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