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Mailbag: Updating Players' Health Status?


Zeke and others have tested positive. Why no update on here from the team about how they're dealing with this? — WILLIAM TROMPETER / OKLAHOMA CITY, OK

Nick: Usually, updates from the team regarding health/injury issues for the players are for playing purposes. If someone can't make it to Sunday's game for any reason, then obviously it's worth noting. But this is new territory for all teams. There are laws, although not always clearly defined, that protect players from having their status revealed. In this case, Zeke is a high profiled player and his agent decided to confirm reports about his client. But the Cowboys have yet to even get players back into the facility. This isn't the time to be revealing the health status of their players. But that time will come.

David: Our story on Monday stated pretty clearly that privacy laws prevent the organization from publicly discussing the health of their players. It's important to remember that players aren't allowed back to the facility yet, so Ezekiel Elliott testing positive for COVID right now has nothing to do with their protocols. That said, it's a pretty timely reminder of the type of vigilance that will be required by teams all over the league once work does resume. Fortunately, we've heard from Zeke's agent and his mother that he's feeling fine, so that's good news at the very least.

I read recently that the tight end position would be the Cowboys' biggest position of need and I would tend to agree with that assessment. If so and with Delanie Walker still a free agent; wouldn't he adequately fill that need and if so why not sign him? — JOHN WALKER / AUSTIN, TX

Nick: Not sure what you read or from where, but the Cowboys don't agree. They signed Jarwin to take over as the starter and signed Blake Bell as a solid No. 2 player to help as a blocker. They didn't address the position in the draft. And if the Cowboys really wanted to sign a veteran tight end whose best days are behind him, they probably would've just re-signed the future Hall of Famer who was in the building and wanted to stay on the team.

David: If I haven't made it clear by now, I'd like to state one more time that I'm a firm believer in Blake Jarwin. I think he's going to bring a really exciting element to the offense. If it doesn't work out, I'd rather just address the issue in next year's draft than sign a veteran who is only going to eat into Jarwin's playing time.

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