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Mailbag: Using Defensive Line Depth For Trades?


Since the Cowboys have a lot of depth on the defensive line this year, do you think there's a chance one of these players is traded before the season starts? Why not use players who are likely to see little action to strengthen other areas on the roster?Eric Rosenthal/Hagerstown, MD

Patrik Walker: I'm of the mindset that you should never ship guys out until you at least see what the current version of them looks like in training camp. There's also the reality that while the unit is deep now, on July 7, the injury bug could have something to say about that once the pads come on and bodies start smashing into each other at full speed. It's then you'd be regretful to have traded away someone with the assumption that the unit was "too deep", finding yourself then searching for depth you thought you had. I'm of the belief that the Cowboys will go into camp without a trade being made and let things flesh themselves out organically on a defensive line that is primed to feature some of the most explosive competitions you'll see in Oxnard — as everyone not named DeMarcus Lawrence or Micah Parsons fights to earn more reps than the next man.

Nick Harris: This is an exact question that I've been pondering over myself for the last few weeks, specifically with Dorance Armstrong. After a breakout 2022 season, Armstrong's value is higher than its ever been, and if the Cowboys want to immediately upgrade another position then using the Kansas product in a trade could do some good. However, the franchise has shown a lot of love to Armstrong during his career, so it's not something that I'm necessarily predicting. I think it would be in the best interest of the team to utilize that depth for other areas though.

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