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Mailbag: Using Upcoming Games to Prepare?


Whether it be with different personnel packages or certain play calls or schemes, do you think the Cowboys will use these next two games against lesser opponents to try new things and prepare for that final three-game gauntlet against the Eagles, Titans and Commanders? Or do they really just take it one game at a time as is often stated publicly?– Doug Morris / Chicago, IL

Nick: If ..... and it's a big IF ... the Cowboys are thinking about the first scenario you just mentioned, they'll never, ever, ever say it's anything other than the second scenario. The Cowboys will always SAY they're taking it one game at a time. Honestly, in the NFL, you have no other choice. Think about it, huge point spreads in the NFL are like 16-17 points, which is what this game is with Houston. Even at that, we're talking about a fluke play here, a pass-interference there and then a fumble and you've got a game. So you can't take anything for granted. Now, is this a chance to maybe play some other guys and work on different combinations, such as the offensive line? Maybe, but they have to get there first and take care of business.

Patrik: All of the above, honestly. You'll see some test drives as it pertains to the offensive line (those started two games ago) and especially now at cornerback with Anthony Brown out for the season, making it a great time to balance trying to decimate a lesser opponent with seeing what does and does not work as the playoffs approach. It's a delicate balance, yes, but the Cowboys have the personnel and (more importantly) the coaching staff to make sure that it's struck well. They can not afford to lose any games in their pursuit of the Eagles, but they also need to make sure they have everything figured out roster-wise before January.

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