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Mailbag: Value Of 10 Wins? Help For Playoffs?


What are the odds, best guess, that Tavon Austin, Sean Lee and David Irving will be available for the playoffs? - JOSEPH INCALCATERRA / TEXAS CITY, TX

Bryan: I believe that you will see Austin and Lee this week against the Giants and into the playoffs. Don't believe that's the case for Irving. 

Rob: Austin is back to full practice for the first time since the groin injury in October, so that's a good sign he's close to a return. Lee is back and they're managing his reps for now coming off the hamstring injury. Irving? Not sure how close he is to a return at this point.


May be just me but I want 10 wins! 10 wins (double digits) is a big deal. Do you think the players and coaches want 10 as bad as I do? I do understand we are in the playoffs... - JEREMY NEVIL / CROSBY, TX

Bryan: Why do you want 10 wins? You going to win a pool at the office? This team has fought hard to get to this point to make a decision on who to play and not to play. Look at the big picture here. It's the playoffs. You shouldn't be focused on anything else when it comes to the health of your team. 

Rob: The players and coaches are locked in on this week. Of course they want to go win the game and beat a division rival. Now, how much certain starters play remains to be seen. I think 10 wins would be significant too, but it's a delicate balancing act when you know everything you worked for this season – a playoff game – is just around the corner.

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